We are dedicated to saving the environment, one battery at a time. New forklift batteries are reaching record high prices. Don’t throw your old batteries away – we provide regeneration and repairs on forklift batteries of all voltages. Regeneration triples the life of a new battery and will bring back a worn-out battery to nearly 100% capacity. We offer 1-year warranties for under $2,000.

Feel free to contact us about our forklift or battery services.


Are malfunctioning forklifts getting your business down? Timely repairs can help you save on expensive emergency fixes later on.

Count on our knowledgeable mechanics at Prime Forklift Services Ltd in Langley to get your forklift up and running. Irrespective of the make or model of your machine or what kind of fuel it runs on, our routine and emergency forklift repair services assure deft skill, attention to detail and value for money.

Assisting customers in the area for over 20 years now, we are up to date with market trends and have a keen eye for what kind of solution is ideal for every situation. Contact our team today!